Mindfulness Retreats

Come Back To Yourself crafts unique mindfulness retreats and invites you for a week of slowing down, rejuvenation & nourishment in serene locations around the world; meditation yoga retreats in north Bali, Philippines and Yoga holidays in France.
Each retreat offers a blissful blend of yoga, sacred dance, scuba diving, adventure, meditation, creativity, mindful living and play. A place where you can be authentically you, a place to feel accepted.

The focus is on fun, gentle and unpressured experiences; creating a clearer bond between youself, your desires, dreams, your body sensations, your creativity, expression and to what makes you happy - bringing you closer to your true self.


"I really can't express enough gratitude for the incredible, special retreat week! It feels a bit like a dream now that I am back in Michigan. I feel closer to my passions, and I loved practicing different types of yoga that I hadn't heard of before! You balanced activity and relaxation perfectly and just held this beautiful space for us to grow and reflect all week!"
- Kate, USA


Why now?

Do you sometimes find yourself getting tangled up, living a stressful and demanding pace and needing time to pause?
Do you need more moments for yourself - doing the things you love and nurture you?

Here's a taste of what makes us different:

  • max 7 participants for a more personalised experience; this is all about you
  • a combination of mindful living, relaxation, physical activities, movement and having fun
  • unique Yoga and diving retreats
  • suitable for everyone. No matter what your spiritual experience, level of yoga, diving, meditation or level of fitness is, you will find your place here
  • you will be met wherever you are and gently be guided towards your personal next steps of ease and relaxation within yourself

come as you are; find deep nourishment and rejuvenation. How will you choose to connect and come back to yourself?

Mindfulness, scuba diving, and dance artfully weaved in your yoga vacation north Bali, set in a luxury private villa. Immerse yourself in Bali’s underwater magical world and connect to yourself and the ocean in ways you've never done before

Embrace the profound serenity & beauty of nature in this mindfulness, dance and yoga retreat in north Bali. Set in a private villa overlooking a gorgeous valley in the Balinese countryside, a perfect place to relax and connect

Island hopping, scuba diving, mindful living and pure being in one of the world's best islands, yoga retreat Palawan; where sky and sea blend, where crystalline waters caress white sand, where all your senses come to life

Relax and rejuvenate surrounded by vineyards and lavender fields. Enjoy this luxury yoga and dance retreat France elegantly fused into memorable excursions to islands, natural wonders and picturesque villages in a luxurious private villa in Provence

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