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Like the way of the waters, I flow with life, dive deep and reconnect when I need to. Like the ways of the earth, I find balance between grounding and letting go, they both infuse every aspect of my life.

My name is Mei Shapiro, founder of Come Back to Yourself Retreats. You know as well as I that certain moments in life call to us, however faintly, for a change of pace. The need to go elsewhere and just be.
Coming back to myself is all about doing the things I love, things I am passionate about, that make me smile, connecting to my body sensations, my deep souls desire, nourishing and being gentle with myself, embracing silence, connecting to my inner child - creating, moving, laughing and flowing with whatever life brings. 

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I haven’t always been as together as I look – my journey back to myself has been quite a ride. I wasn’t always connected to my body sensations and there were even times where I felt alive but not really living.

Sometimes I was doing things because “I had to” and because everyone around me was doing it. Know the feeling? And somewhere along the way, lost the connection with the real me.
Looking back, I wasn’t even aware there was a real me somewhere inside! Eventually the moment came where all the pretending and trying was just too much. It took it a while to arrive, but it finally did... A decade ago I decided to leave the corporate world I had worked in and to prioritize my health and happiness.

Oddly, just when I was most vulnerable everything started to flow and new paths emerged. I started by becoming a yoga teacher and traveled Asia whilst teaching Yoga and English. Mindfulness, my regular practice of Yoga and insight meditation were and still are a significant step in keeping connected with myself, have been the backbone of stability in my life and kept me afloat in challenging moments. 

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Yoga has taught me how to live a meaningful life, guided from within. My gentle style of teaching focuses on deep inner awareness in the Yoga poses, Pranayama and meditation.

When I discovered the magical underwater world it was where I fell in love instantly! That was another really big step towards the real me. I became a certified diving instructor and now love to share my passion of the underwater realm with others. 

I co-owned a diving boat in Indonesia for 5 years – actually we built it from scratch, and then ran our business from it. That was an adventure. I got to wake up to the smell of the sea, the infinite space around - I had time to feel and appreciate the stunning natural flow and the little miraculous things in life. In addition to all the beauty we also faced our fair share of big waves and hairy moments – even with guests onboard- but I always found a way through by relying on my gut instincts. 

As your retreat facilitator, my goal is to stimulate and bring to light the very best potential in you. Each retreat I lead is a combination of mindful living, relaxation, physical activities, movement and having fun.

A hallmark of Come Back To Yourself Retreats is going beyond pure cerebral integration by anchoring new experiences in the body.

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In 2011 I traded the island life for the graceful Pyrenees Mountains of France. I lived in a teepee in the woods for nearly two years (and relished being directly in nature!) whilst constructing an off-the-grid home. I loved practicing yoga in the open air, paint and dance whenever I wanted, inspired by nature – I reconnected even deeper with my body and my own natural rhythm, and further embraced the healing wisdom of natural medicine and working with the sensations of the body using yoga and wild dance. 

It’s been a rich journey - living with the elements and sometimes waking up to tricky conditions, I have learned how to slow down, trust my body knowing, take breaks in life, and recharge. This is what works for me, this is how I can come back fully to myself. 

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Given my own corporate past and having benefited so much from the holistic approach I understand and acknowledge the essential need for finding a balance between work and life, between body and mind.

I would like to share that wonderful learning with you and help you find simple ways that work for you. Everyone is capable of making these changes in their lives, and it always starts with the little things – sometimes they are right under your nose where you just can’t see them!

Rather than teaching traditional yoga & meditation I will guide you to appreciate the sacred within the simple things in life. 

Coming Back to Yourself retreats are my offering. Let me show you simple practical ways to slow down, balance, reflect, smile, enjoy, embody and go home a fuller happier version of yourself. More aware of being perfect as you already are.

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I am also a certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist (BCST), love playing music, wild dancing, painting, long walks on the beach, peaceful tea breaks, silent moments and magical sunsets. I can usually be spotted being outdoors walking barefoot and would describe my life as a piece of art and feel blessed doing what I’m passionate about. I am Canadian, fluent in English and French. My latest passion that makes my heart smile is launching my first-ever art website
I am passionate about traveling, nature, different cultures and places. At the moment I live between Costa Rica, Vancouver island and Bali. 

Would love to share with you ideas and inspirations about living a fuller, more enriched life and most importantly, having fun!

Looking forward to connecting with you!

With love, respect & a warm smile,


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