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Andaman Island Yoga and Diving Retreat FAQ and Travel Come back to Yourself

Program FAQ

Q: I have noticed that there are some body-based movements and yoga during the retreats. I am not very physical, and nervous I might be either embarrassed or simply not know what to do. 
A: The exercises you will be taught are gentle and yin-centered, meaning that they will work with any body type and level of physicality. You will sweat a little, shake a little, and get your heart rate up a little, but participants of all ages and all health backgrounds have participated in my classes in the past without any problems. You will be well taken care of and helped with your personal level of physicality. There are plenty opportunities for rest and relaxation. this is what the retreats are about - finding the perfect balance between movement, rest and just Being. 

Q:  I have no experience in Yoga, are the retreats suitable for me?
A: The yoga classes are a blend of a gentle and dynamic yoga postures.  The retreats welcome ALL levels of practice, experienced yogis, beginners and those who have never practiced before might find a new love of the practice. Being a small group is to better personalise the classes and the attention given to each participant. Classes will be adjusted to the level of the participants - they will work for everyone. 

Q: I have never dived before, but i would like to discover, is it possible to attend the Yoga & Diving retreat?
A: The yoga & diving retreats are open to all levels of divers, whether you are an experienced diver or have never dived before. during diving trips we will arrange the group in ways that new divers will learn the basics of diving (discover scuba diving) and join our experienced divers for some of the dives.

Q: What if i love all the activities and want to register for the retreat but do not want to dive? 
A: Sure you can! you have two options - one is to register for a Yoga & Nature retreat (which does not offer diving) or join one of the Yoga & Diving retreats and together we can figure out what activity would suit you best, other than diving.

Q: Must I participate in all physical activities during the retreat? 
A: This retreat is all about you. Therefore, all classes and activities are completely optional. Hey, and if you need to take it easy one morning, or not participate in a certain activity - please, listen to your body and do only what feels good for you. in that moment.

Q: Can i bring a friend/partner who doesn't want to participate in the yoga classes?
A: Absolutely! Non-participants are always welcome. All classes are voluntary and there is always plenty of activities (or total relaxation) that can be enjoyed during the retreat in place of one of the yoga classes.

Q: I noticed there is meditation. I've never meditated before, and am not sure how it will be for me?
A: During the retreat, you will learn some mindfulness meditation practices to help you slow down and quiet your mind. with this extra spaciousness, you will be able to more clearly see and learn more about yourself and the ways you have traditionally reacted and will gain greater control over how you see, react to and respond from your emotions.

Q: What if I'm a single traveler?
A: Great! You are very welcomed! The resort offers a king bed in each cottage so you will enjoy your own bed to yourself!

Q: I am a woman traveling alone, do i need to be worried?
A: The Andaman Island is very different the mainland India. Havelock Island is very tourist friendly, clean and safe and offers wonderful food.

Q: How do i register?
A: Sign up by using the "Register" button at the bottom of the retreat page. It will take you through filling out an information form, and then payment of the deposit through Paypal. Your place will automatically be reserved as soon as this is complete. You will then receive a welcome email as well as travel information you may need for your retreat destination.

Andaman Travel FAQ

Q: How do I reach the Andaman Islands by air?
A: To reach Havelock, one must first get to Port Blair- the capital city of the Andaman Islands. Once here, Havelock is simply a 2 hour ferry ride away. There are no direct international flights that arrive in Port Blair currently and hence the easiest way for overseas tourists is to book an international flight that arrives to any major city in india and from there to take a domestic flight to Port Blair. Daily flights are operated by Spice Jet, Jet Airways, Go Air and Air India, all flights land at the Vir Savarkar airport in Port Blair. Flight tickets can be purchased online through the following sites.

  • Spice Jet- www.spicejet.com
  • Jet Airways - www.jetairways.com
  • Air India - www.airindia.in
  • Go Air - www.goair.in

Q: Is it possible to reach the Andaman Islands by sea?
A: Although Getting to Port Blair by Sea is an option too, I would highly recommend flying into the Andamans. Ships operate between the mainland and Port Blair, with departures from Kolkata, Visakhapatnam and Chennai. Tickets for the ships must be booked in advance and the 3-day(!!!) journey can be difficult and arduous given the basic amenities on board.For ship schedules to the Andamans visit www.and.nic.in/spsch/sailing.htm or call +91-22-2202 2431 +91-22-2202 2431

Q: How do I get from Port Blair to Havelock Island?
A: Once in Port Blair, Havelock is easy to get to. There are three regular ferries that ply between Port Blair (Phoenix Bay Jetty) and Havelock on a daily basis. You can choose between the slower Government ferry and the faster Private ferries. Please note that the ferry timings are subject to change without notice, therefore it's best to arrive a day earlier just in case. There are two government ferries that depart daily from Port Blair to Havelcok island at 06:20am and at 14:00pm duration of trip is 2.5hrs. There is one private ferry Catamaran Makruzz departing daily at 08:15am, duration of trip is 1.5hrs.

Q: Will there be someone to pick me up from the jetty?
A: Yes. A complimentary pick up will be arranged upon your arrival at Havelock Jetty.

Q: After the retreat, how do i return to Port Blair ?
A: Same way. Please keep in mind that Ferry timings from Havelock to Port Blair do not correlate with flight timings to mainland India, all participants therefore must spend the last night in Port Blair. There is unfortunately no way around this. Please contact me for the recommended Port Blair hotel list. There are two government ferries that depart daily from Havelock Island to Port Blair at 09:00am and at 16:30pm. There is one private ferry Catamaran Makruzz departing daily at 16:00pm.

Q: Do I need a visa ?
A: Yes. Visas are easy. A visa online is easily obtained for most nationalities, please visit the https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/tvoa.html for more details. After obtaining your Indian visa please make sure that your Indian Visa does NOT have a stamp that reads “Not valid for restricted areas” on it. Please contact the issuing visa authority before you travel and have a new visa issued to you in the event that it does have such a stamp. (Should your visa have this stamp, you might be denied entry to the Andaman Islands).

On arrival, you will be issued a Restricted Area Permit FREE of cost at the airport or port. The procedure is simple and takes about 10 minutes. The permit will allow you to stay for a period of 30 days only. This validity can be further extended in Port Blair or Havelock closer to the date of expiry by an additional 15 days provided you have proof of a return ticket. No further extensions are possible. Indian Nationals do not require a passport or any special permit to visit the Andaman Islands. There is also no restriction on the duration of stay on the islands.

Make sure that you have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the arrival date or you will be turned away from your departing city. You must also have proof of a return ticket. 

Q: What if I would like to arrive earlier?
A: That's a great idea. Arriving early to Havelock island will allow you to adjust to the time difference and culture, while also allowing you to rejuvenate from the long fight. contact me and I can recommend of some great places to stay. Staying late will allow to fully integrate your gifts from the retreat and to settle into yourself before making the journey home. This will also give you ample time to book those extra day trips and travel around!

Q: What is the weather like?
A: Tropical climate throughout the year, 23oC and maximum at 30oC. days are blue sky and sunny with a lovely sea breeze blowing all the time. nights can be slightly chilly. bring a shawl or something to cover yourself up in case you tend to get cold.

Q: What is best to pack?
A:  Light clothing, comfortable and loose that breathe but can also protect you from the sun. Sleeves or a light jacket is also helpful in the evenings if it gets chilly. Bring your own sun screen lotion and mosquito repellent, and you can always purchase some once arrived. Bathing suit , comfortable clothes for yoga, dance and movement exercises, personal yoga mat and props, sweat towels for practice, plug adapters/converters, book, journal.

Q: What is the currency?
A: The currency is Indian Rupees, same as in mainland India. Best would be to arrive with enough Indian Rupees for your stay. Although you can bring your own currency over and convert it at a local bank on the island (there is only one), or use ATM machines to withdraw Indian currency, please note that there are only 2 ATM's on the island and they are not always functional. Most shops do not accept credit cards.

Q: What is the electrical currency/outlet on Havelock Island?
A: Havelock's electricity runs at 220V. Adapters will be necessary if you are bringing any electrical items. The European plug (two round pins) would work fine.