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South France Yoga Dance retreat

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South France Yoga Dance Retreat FAQ

Q: I have noticed that there are some body-based movements and yoga during this south France Yoga Dance retreat, I am not very physical, and nervous I might be either embarrassed or simply not know what to do. 
A: The exercises you will be taught are gentle and yin-centered, meaning that they will work with any body type and level of physicality. You will sweat a little, shake a little, and get your heart rate up a little, but participants of all ages and all health backgrounds have participated in my classes in the past without any problems. During this retreat you will learn to dance authentically, exactly as you are and with whatever you come with, and learn to open yourself to a new sense of freedom and possibility that is both surprising and healing, exhilarating as well as deeply restorative. 
You will be well taken care of and helped with your personal level of physicality. There are plenty opportunities for rest and relaxation. this is what this yoga & dance holidays France is about - finding the perfect balance between movement, rest and just Being. 

Q: I have no experience in Yoga, is this yoga & dance holiday France suitable for me?
A: The yoga classes are a blend of a gentle and dynamic yoga postures.  The retreats welcome ALL levels of practice, experienced yogis, beginners and those who have never practiced before might find a new love of the practice. Being a small group is to better personalise the classes and the attention given to each participant. Classes will be adjusted to the level of the participants - they will work for everyone. 

Q: I have no experience in dance, is this yoga dance holiday in France suitable for me?
A: The dance during the retreat is suitable for all levels including those who have never tried dancing before. It's very easy and fun! We will be practicing a freestyle movement, a fresh way of moving - a unique dance that opens ways to creativity, to a full expression of life and guiding us back to the wisdom of the body. 

Q: Must I participate in all physical activities during the yoga & dance holidays France? 
A: This retreat is all about you. Therefore, all classes and activities are completely optional. Hey, and if you need to take it easy one morning, or not participate in a certain activity - please, listen to your body and do only what feels good for you. in that moment.

Q: Can i bring a friend/partner who doesn't want to participate in the yoga classes?
A: Absolutely! Non-participants are always welcome. All classes are voluntary and there is always plenty of activities (or total relaxation) that can be enjoyed during this yoga holidays France in place of one of the yoga classes.

a perfect yoga holidays France

a perfect yoga holidays France

Q: I noticed there is meditation. I've never meditated before, and am not sure how it will be for me?
A: During the retreat, you will learn some mindfulness meditation practices to help you slow down and quiet your mind. with this extra spaciousness, you will be able to more clearly see and learn more about yourself and the ways you have traditionally reacted and will gain greater control over how you see, react to and respond from your emotions.

Q: I am a woman traveling alone, do i need to be worried?
A: France is very tourist friendly, easy to travel, clean and safe and has wonderful food, amazing people and great tourist attractions! I You will feel very comfortable traveling to your yoga holidays in France, I have lived there for several years and I can help and recommend great places for you to enjoy & visit!  


Q: What if I'm a single traveler?
A: Great! You are very welcomed! The resorts and villas differ on policy as some offer 2 single beds in a room (great for sharing) and some offer only one double bed in a room. The shared rooms are spacious with separate beds and private bathrooms. most of the time you will be spending time in your room to sleep only as you will tend to relax in the common areas (salons, terraces, pool, etc). It's up to you if you prefer a room to yourself and if you want to share a room - I will pair you with another participant (depending on availability). Let me know what type of room you choose, and we will figure it out.

Q: How do i register to south France yoga & dance retreat?
A: Sign up by using the "Register" button at the bottom of the south France yoga & dance retreat page. It will take you through filling out an information form, shortly after you will receive an email with a deposit payment link through Paypal or bank transfer. Your spot for the retreat will be reserved as soon as the payment has been received. Once confirmed, you will then receive a welcome email as well as travel information you may need for your retreat destination.

France Travel FAQ

Q: How do I reach the yoga & dance holidays France venue?
A: Nice (NCE) and Marseille (MRS) international airports are both about 1hour and 10 minutes away, transfer from all airports is quite easy, and we can help guide you on the directions, and can help organize airport transfers.
There is also the option of TGV from Paris to Carnoules- only 4h away, and from there it's only 15 min drive to the Villa. Transport can be arranged on first and last day of retreat.

south France Yoga retreat

south France Yoga retreat

Q: Will there be someone to pick me up from the train station?
A: Pick up can be arranged upon your arrival at either Nice or Marseille International Airport. If you choose to take the train, pick up can also be arranged from the train station. please contact me here.

Q: Do I need a visa ?
A: In most cases you do not need a visa to enter France and you will receive a free short visa stay upon arrival (up to 90 days stay) but depending on your nationality you may need to apply for a visa in advance .

Make sure that you have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the arrival date or you will be turned away from your departing city. You must also have proof of a return ticket. 

Q: What if I would like to arrive to France earlier?
A: That's a great idea. Arriving early will allow you to adjust to the time difference and culture, while also allowing you to rejuvenate from the long fight. contact me and I can recommend of some great places to stay. Staying late will allow to fully integrate your gifts from your south France yoga & dance retreat and to settle fully into yourself before making the journey home. This will also give you ample time to book those extra day trips and travel around France!

Q: What is best to pack for this south France Yoga & Dance retreat?
A: June is a beautiful time to visit France. Weather is warm and mellow without the extreme summer heat. Light and loose clothing that breathe are preferable, that can also protect you from the sun. long sleeves or something warm is also helpful in the evenings if it gets chilly. Bring your own sun screen lotion and mosquito repellent, and you can always purchase some once arrived. Bathing suit , comfortable clothes for yoga, comfortable shoes for walks/hikes, dance and movement exercises, personal yoga props, sweat towels for practice, sarong, t-shirt for snorkelling, plug adapters/converters, book, journal.

yoga holidays france