Yoga Retreat in Paradise Bali


"How lovely it is to dance with nature, to touch, to feel and to share" thoughts as I was caressing a tree with my beloved 1 year old nephew. Those little moments of life seem so precious, as our hands touched the tree and we smiled at each other the whole world around us became silent. Nothing was more important that this moment. this breathe, this smile, this love.
mindfulness in each moment, becoming present of everything around us.
In less than one month I’m heading to Bali, Indonesia to lead a yoga and diving retreat in the unspoilt north east part of Bali - and I am SO excited about it!!!
I will be leading a 6 day Sacred Waters Retreat from October 29th till November 3rd, 2018.
Within a container of mindfulness and relaxation we will uncover together layers of your inner wisdom, confidence and softness through yoga, dance, meditation, mindful scuba diving and walks on the beach, Balinese rituals, journaling and your own inner knowing.
I love the name of this Bali retreat: "Sacred Waters" as you connect to the fluidity of life that lives within you and holds all the answers you’ll ever need.  You will take the time to be and feel, the fluids around you and within, bringing you to a space of ease and flow.

In this yoga and diving retreat you will also take part in a traditional water ceremony. In Balinese culture, these ceremonies are performed regularly as water is considered being one of the five elements, it represents flow of energy (known as Prana or Chi) and is connected to emotion and intuition, they believe that these rituals assist in cleansing our bodies on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

I look forward to connecting with you. exactly as you are ♥

Here is where to learn more about the retreat:

A lotus to you,