In each moment

Hello dear one!

Mindfulness is not only something I do only while meditating, I wanted to share with you simple ways of how mindfulness is present during my daily life.

mindfulness in each moment

When I brush my teeth I think of my arm, wrist and fingers moving, the touch of the toothbrush between my fingers, the temperature of the water, my feet touching the floor, the sounds, the flavor in my mouth, and my breath as I brush my teeth.

This may sound like so many things to be aware of, but it becomes quite natural once you give it a try for a while.
In that moment when I am really present - I am not thinking of what to wear next, or of my morning board meeting or of that email that needs reply.

I am brushing my teeth.

In this moment.

Cultivating mindful practices in your daily life can really make a difference and with time you will notice how much is actually happening in each moment - if you just slow down and take the time to listen.

You can then be mindful with your food - begin by being aware of the preparation – the sensations in you body while washing your vegetables, your hand holding the knife while you cut the salad, setting up the table- the weight of the plate, the colors, the smells. And then when you are chewing your food notice the different flavours, the textures in your mouth, the sensation of your feet on the ground and your sitting bones on the chair.

These are simple 2 examples of how you can bring mindfulness into your daily life, you can be creative and start with whatever feels right.

One mindful practice a day is a wonderful way to start, after a week you can try and add one more and so on.

Be curious and try it out for 30 days, then reflect back and notice the difference…

My next Blue and Bliss mindfulness yoga and diving retreat 12-17 March will be hand crafted from the Andaman Island. How magical. There are still some available spots ^_^

Flow gently my friend,

A smile.