Letting go

letting go

Dear friends, this year has been quite a challenge for many of us, including myself. There have been moments of darkness followed by light and challenging moments that are still being processed. But I am quite confident that we are wiser and stronger as a result, or at least getting there.

I think my greatest learning this year was about letting go. And I must say it sounds easier that it really is.

I found it hard to realize this, since – I am the one that flows with life, I’m the flexible, easy going. That’s my thing in life and I pride myself on being fluid…

But as I softened and breathed into myself, I then noticed the parts in my life where I hold on, want things to happen in a certain way and in a certain order, this before that, and that before this.

First, it’s not me. And secondly, it’s narrowing and limiting, no space for magic and flow, curves and miracles, expansion and flow.

There is something about letting go that is so releasing,

It’s quite incredible.


And so simple.

So in the spirit of welcoming a new year and a new beginning, I will continue to release and let go, connecting to the fluid and the flow and always trusting.

Letting go quick-release tip: 

Notice you are holding on and wanting things to happen your way.

Notice your body sensations, where does it feel stuck or rigid?

Take a deep breath then exhale with a “ahhhh” sound while looking at a different object in the room, continue with this breath 3 times.

Now soften and surrender to the unpredictable, the not knowing and let go.

The more you will soften and breathe life through you, the stronger and more trusting you will be to ride all the bumps, changes and curves in life.
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Flow with ease dear one and have a happy new year!

A lotus to you,