Remembering our inherent state of bliss

The other night I gave my 7-year-old nephew a Biodynamic Craniosacral session for his seasonal allergies, the little one was having a challenging time. As he lay on the therapy table, I asked him how was he feeling? “so, so, a bit good and a bit not good” he replied. “What is not good?” I asked? “It’s my constant sneezing”, he said as he grabbed a tissue from under his sleeve and blew his little nose. “And what is good?” I asked, “good?” he said with a smile, “well, it’s the happiness of course!”

My heart melted. What a beautiful way of looking at difficulties! That innocent little boy gets it! He is not defined by whatever he is experiencing, the challenge is still there and he can see it clearly, yet it doesn’t obstruct or effects his natural state of happiness, which is there at all times.

We as adults tend to condition our state of happiness due to difficulties and sometimes forget that our natural state of bliss is always present, happiness IS our intrinsic state.
This is by no means to diminish the fact that challenges can be rough at times, and we might find it hard to embrace them and move on. However, it is important to keep in mind that challenges are an intangible part of our human existence and can be transformed when we tend to them tenderly, with a loving-kindness heart, keeping in mind that we live in this physical body and our experiences is part of being human.
May we always remember that the inherent state of bliss of which we are part of, is always here.

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Flow with ease my friend,