The art of slowing down

the art of slowing down come back to yourself retreats

I would like to share with you my precious gift of vulnerability.

Some of you might already know that 2 months ago I was injured due to an unfortunate event, my physical and emotional body were both traumatized. The pain was difficult and my life as I knew it has suddenly stopped.

The sacred daily routine I have been practicing for years was no longer there - no yoga, no sitting meditation, I could hardly dance, write or paint. All my pillars have crumbled instantly.

Movements were slow and I was present and aware, not much one can do in those situations.

There is a great relief knowing you can’t walk faster, rush or hurry. Everything IS slow; even making a cup of tea was a long mindful task, awareness of the body movements, the sensations, the feet, the breath. Nothing seemed to be more important than that moment. I felt as if the whole world slowed down with me.

There is a blessing in everything, and there are miracles everywhere. Even though this event was traumatic, one of my greatest learning was to really slow down, realizing that many of the things I was doing before were sometimes done on autopilot, call it habit.

As everything fell apart and there was nothing to hold on to. I was now challenged with bringing them back again.
this time I wanted to do things differently.

I have decided to brake all routines, for example I love meditating every morning before I start the day, but now it’s not a must – if it happens at 5am or 7am is not a big deal and if it sometimes happens to be in the evening – yes to that!
I also find myself taking more time to just sit and be, not necessarily having to “do” something, I am grateful for every single body movement I am now able to make and I bring that with me to the mat and to my dance – movements are slower and mindful. I am more gentle with my body, moving according to what feels good, love and compassion and bathing me constantly.

It has been a great learning and growing process for me; I see those small reminders in life as guiding us on our path, helping us to be a better, softer, loving version of ourselves.

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