The benefits of practicing yin yoga

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Restorative Yoga is one of my preferred yoga classes! it is usually practiced at the end of a dynamic yoga class or as a class on its own. The practice can be called Yin yoga as well, It is especially important for those who suffer from muscle soreness, body aches, tired body, insomnia or stress.

Yoga Postures such as shavasana (corpse pose), seated forward fold (paschimottana), fish pose (matsyendrasana) and child pose (balasana), are some of the core yoga poses with highly exceptional restorative benefits.
Incorporating hip openers such as Pigeon pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana), Bound Angle pose (Baddha Konasana) and fire log pose (Agnistambhasana) are extremely beneficial for releasing stored emotions we hold on to, each pose is held between 3-5 minutes.

As we control our breathing and keep our minds and bodies still, we focus on our parasympathetic nervous system, which helps to keep our heart rate down, to lower the levels of stress hormones and to keep us balanced. Practice of Restorative yoga helps improve memory, focus and concentration. The mind forms a strong connection with rest of the body and you will feel more at ease with yourself.

Yin yoga is highly beneficial for healing and restoring the muscles. Without it anyone practicing yoga on a regular basis may subject her/himself to wear and tear of vulnerable muscles in their body.
Calming the mind and restoring its peace by clearing the head from its thoughts is one of the major benefits of Yin Yoga, in addition to Enhanced sleep and prolonged sleep, and restores the mind-body balance. It's a perfect way to come back to yourself

An easy and practical way to integrate Yin Yoga into your yoga practice is adding some of these poses for the last 10-15 minutes of your practice, focusing on your breath and connecting to your body sensations.
During our yoga and diving retreats we practice restorative/yin yoga, this is a wonderful opportunity to fully immerse yourself in this relaxing practice if you are new to it, or dive deeply if you have already tried it before. As our yoga and diving retreats focus on being mindful in each moment and becoming aware of our body sensations, the combination of yin yoga and mindful scuba diving compliment and enhance each other. As we dive deeper into the yoga diving retreat we learn how to bring mindfulness and deep relaxation into all aspects of our lives, underwater and above.