The practice of sending love

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Hello dear one, I am writing to you as I lay in my hammock, sipping a warm cup of chai and listening to the soothing sounds of the waves.

We have just ended our blissful yoga and diving retreat in the Andaman Islands! I am full of love, gratitude and colorful butterflies! and really can't wait for our next Bali yoga and diving retreat coming up in May!

To see some photos of this paradisiac island please click here:

I wanted to share with you today the beautiful and healing practice of sending love.
This is a great practice for moments where I feel I’m swallowed up by deep emotions or need help with grief or sadness.
I use this after my morning practice as a way to welcome the new day or either as the last thing at night to clear away the days energy or whenever it’s needed.

The beauty of this practice is that it can be done anywhere – in bed, while sitting in your office, before having your coffee, or while waiting in line… 

Smile. Close your eyes. Feel your feet on the ground. Sense your spine lengthening up to the sky.

Take 3 deeps breaths and exhale from your mouth while making the sound “ahhh”
bring your attention to your heart center and relax the muscles all around the breastbone.

As you soften your chest gently raise your breastbone and visualize an opening in the center of the bone through which you are inhaling and exhaling.

Within a few breath cycles you will start to notice the sensation of tingling warmth, softness and wellbeing emerging from the depth of your heart – expanding all around you.

Repeat as needed.

The more love you spread, the faster the miracles come…