trust your body's movements

Movements of the human body are ones authentic expression of oneself and are a powerful, albeit, simple therapeutic tool that can benefit anyone at any time and any age. Regular movement has been shown to increase focus and retention in children and adults of all ages. One essential benefit of movement is an increased sense of vitality – an awakening and renewal of one’s life energy that are beneficial on many levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 
A natural way to come back to yourself.

When we move as humans in a manner that is authentic, which is in accordance with our physical design and with the way we feel and experience life at a particular moment, that movement becomes our means of expressing ourselves without any boundaries. Once the movement becomes focused on quality, on feel and on “tuning inwards” – we are able to transcend the fragmentation of the parts of our body and turn it into something that is completely connected and which expresses oneness and wholeness.  

Physical movement of any kind makes us feels “alive”. On one level, Yoga and wild dance are simply two effective ways of making the body move in every different direction; strengthening and lengthening it simultaneously. Both these practices place a great emphasis on breath and on being mindful to ones body and sensations.

Moving with one’s whole body, with and against gravity, feeling one’s own strength and weakness one learns to both yield and resist, becoming aware of each moment.

In these days we may find ourselves in front of a computer for hours or bouncing from one task to another, forgetting our connection to our bodies.

Dedicating some time for authentic movements can bring great change, for instance standing up and stretching every once in a while if sitting in front of a computer. Dance while cleaning your house, put on some music that will make you shake. Stop whatever you are doing and just go out and tend the garden, even if it’s for a short while. Or go for walks and move your feet and hips as you feel like.

Celebrate life and allow yourself to trust your body’s movements completely, knowing it has the perfect wisdom and rhythm of its own.

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