Try daring

try daring

Try daring doing that one thing you’ve been putting off for days, months or even years and notice the release of held energy that can actually be used for so many other things in your life.

Whether it’s a thing that scares you, bores you, or something that will force a change you are not yet ready for.

I have one on my list it has been with me for nearly a year. I have been noticing how much energy I put into what if questions or how judgmental I can be towards myself for not having the courage to actually do it...
At moments when I think of daring and actually doing it I notice how my body contracts, how my mind spins with fearful thoughts and how my breath becomes fast and shallower.

The funny thing is - in other moments I can actually see how happy and relieved I will be once I do it.

So, as an act of celebration of my era of daring I have decided to take the leap and go for it (it going to happen in 3 days!). My knees are shaky and I can’t really tell if I’m really excited or terrified!

One thing I know for sure, the moment I do it I will look back not understanding what I was so worried about and why did it take me so long to do.  I will smile to myself feeling so empowered, and realise how easy and simple it actually was! I know I will feel this amazing sense of liberation and a graceful flow of life, all this by actually daring to do that one thing!

Dear one, when was the last time you dared?