What really makes you happy?

The things that make you happy and excited in life are a very important part of your self-care. Putting yourself first and prioritizing the thing you love to do is a beautiful practice of love...

In our busy routine we sometimes neglect or put them aside for a more suitable moment, of course you might hear yourself say things such as “it's not the time, I'll find time later..., I can't possibly do it now..." And funny enough, it’s when you don’t have the time or just cannot do it is where you need it the most!

Nourishing those moments doesn’t mean radical change, baby steps usually help. It’s enough you decide to dedicate a couple of hours a week to one thing you are passionate about it could be anything:
dancing, yoga, hiking, rock climbing, bicycling, painting, scuba diving, singing

happiness in each moment

and the list goes on and on... You can help yourself make it happen by committing to a reasonable amount of hours to start with in order to avoid unnecessary frustration. For instance, instead of committing to 7 hours of dancing a week - how about starting with 2? And really go for it! You will be surprised of how fast you realize you can actually do more and the flow will be organic and with ease.
Things will shift and move accordingly in a magical way, life will help you create more space, the feeling of accomplishment and self love will spread within and you will find yourself doing more of the things that nourish you and make you smile on a regular basis.

As I write this to you I connect to my latest passion – learning to kite surf, which really feels good in my belly right now. So I'm going for the baby steps – first I found a place to start the course, and now I am waiting for the appropriate wind, I might be able to dedicate 3 hours the first week and then I will see how the rest flows ^_^
In the meantime I am getting really excited for our relaxing nature and yoga retreat in Bali this May, a few spots left, would you like to us?

Flow with ease my friend,

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