yoga and diving retreats

Dive into the deep blue. Leave transformed.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting worlds of the deep blue oceans.  Experience relaxation and connection with the underwater world in ways you've never done before. 

Come Back To Yourself designs unique yoga and scuba diving retreats in exotic locations around the globe to refresh your spirit and dive into yourself regardless of your spiritual or fitness experience. A small group yoga retreat, welcoming certified divers to beginners level and people with no diving experience who desire to learn and explore.

The unique diving experience offered to you is calm, slownourishing. Together we will take the time to slow down, feel and experience the sensation of wholeness - being one with our breath, mind, body and fluids – the water within us and the water all around us.

Yoga and scuba diving holidays are about the other side of the underwater world – the special moments that can only happen when you are really present below the surface in a place beyond time. A place of awe and wonder.

Over the course of your retreat you will explore the oceans beauty and gift yourself with a perfect blend of...

  • Scuba-diving

  • Yoga

  • Movement & Dance

  • Mindful living

  • Meditation

  • Pampering body treatments

  • Cultural excursions

  • Deep Relaxation

Mindfulness underwater creates magical & unforgettable moments. A unique opportunity to get in touch with life deeply!

yoga and diving retreats

Upcoming Yoga & Scuba Diving Retreats
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diving and yoga retreat north Bali

diving and yoga retreat north Bali

Yoga diving vacation Bali

Yoga diving vacation Bali

"Mei: an alive human being, who shines, glitters and vibrates without any pretenses - her mere presence affects you. Everything seems clear, free of judgment and reassuring around her. There are some people who when you first meet them, you know your paths will cross again. Even though kilometers may separate us, we come together again. There are many people like Mei but meeting them requires your passion, curiosity, joy, aliveness and presence. This is also what you taught me. Thank you Mei"
                                    –Benoit Kilian, France

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